"Women of Taos:  Champions of the Arts"

Taos Gallery Guide - 2012 / 2013


"Being an international art dealer has been the most exciting career I could have imagined."  - Donna Heinley

Donna Heinley began her career by working for a family in Paris with a vast collection of post-impressionist paintings.  In her late 20s, the Boston Globe featured her as an example of a woman who broke into the exclusive art market.  Since 2011, Heinley Fine Arts in Taos represents contemporary artists, 19th century French Barbizon masters, Beatrice Mandelman and other Taos Moderns.

Taos women have a history of championing the arts. In 1923 Lucy Case Harwood established the Harwood Foundation. Culture maven Mabel Dodge Luhan brought many elite creatives to Taos. Helene V.B. Wurlitzer collected Taos early works and established Wurlitzer artist residency program. Millicent Rogers created a vast collection of traditional Southwestern art, now Millicent Rogers Museum.  Women were also in the forefront as art dealers and gallery owners. Jane Hiatt, owner of the Village Gallery, promoted traditional Taos painters. Eulalia Emetaz established La Galeria Escondida in 1948 to represent Taos Moderns and was instrumental in launching many artist's careers. 

The women of Taos continue to play an integral role in the promotion and representation of Taos artists. Many gallery owners are artists themselves, others simply love fine art.

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"Why We Came"

The Essential Guide - 2012 / 2013


Donna Heinley has been involved in art since 1990 when she opened a Boston art business dealing in French Barbizon paintings. (She had lived in Paris, where she worked with a French family's extensive estate of post-impressionist painting by Charles Roussel, the grandfather.) For Heinley, it was love that brought her to Northern New Mexico. She stopped in New Mexico to visit a friend. "I had never been here, nor had I ever thought about it. I can only describe my experience as 'love at first sight', because I believe I truly felt what people feel when the instantaneously 'know' they have found their life's partner. In my case, however, it was a place." Last year she settled here fulltime. "I found my gallery in Taos a month later and moved in." Today at Heinley Fine Arts, which carries traditional, modern and contemporary art, the French Barbizon paintings are on display in the company of highly collectible David Michael Kennedy photographs, Evelyne Boren paintings and watercolors, and Nicholas Herrera folk-art works. Heinley believes "Taos is going to make a comeback as an important art destination... Since art is dispersed all over town, visitors need to stay a little longer to get a more "integrated experience." About the city she loves, she says, "there is surprise around each corner. Taos is a place of discovery and magic!"

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